Coaching Services

These coaching services are offered to individuals who have a sincere desire to take control of their emotions and their lives. If you are facing a difficult situation and can't find the solution, or don't know how to make the appropriate changes, Freddy's coaching could be your answer. 

Freddy Piedrahita offers individual and relationship coaching services in person, over the phone, Skype conference, workshops or seminars. He's presently developing a series of educational videos and audio for those busy souls who feel more comfortable working on their own time and space. 

Freddy IS NOT a therapist, his work consists on guiding and empowering his clients to discover their inner strengths, maintain their focus and be emotionally stable. Working together to create effective strategies that will help them reach their goals and make their dreams a reality. 


INDIVIDUAl coaching

Are you having:

  • Family Problems
  • Changes in your daily life 
  • Not getting along with friends and colleagues
  • Stress Related Issues 
  • Depression 

Together we can:

  • Understand, confront, and resolve your present life challenges,
  • Analyze which of your basic needs are requiring your attention and balance, 
  • Find the reason of your blockage and create strategies to obtain immediate results,
  • Maintain the desire and motivation to continue making positive and satisfactory improvements.

relationship COACHING

Are you:

  • Not feeling loved?
  • Fearful of ending a relationship?
  • Not feeling connected and significant?

Tired of:

  • Not getting your relationship needs fulfilled?
  • Being afraid of expressing your real feelings?
  • Not attracting the right persons into your life?

It's up to you to take the first step and start moving toward the changes you want to see!!

Request NOW a SURVEY that is going to help you identify which of the BASIC NEEDS you need to focus and balance NOW. After you take the survey, you can schedule a FREE 30 minutes clarity session where we can:

  • Understand which basic needs requiere your immediate attention.
  • Which plan of action you need to follow in order to see immediate and positive results.
  • You'll also receive access to a FREE DOWNLOAD of my report titled “3 STEPS TO CHANGE YOUR STORY” with great tips to make significant changes.